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The first step in getting started is to schedule a free No Sweat Intro with one of our professional staff so we can learn more about you and how we might be able to help you on your fitness journey.


All new clients experience a one-on-one introductory program that includes 6 movement sessions to learn proper exercise mechanics and intensity so you can have confidence knowing you're working out safely and effectively. You'll also sit down with our Certified Nutrition Coach to discuss your nutrition and complete an initial InBody Scan. Our staff will be learning every step of the way as well so they can know how to best coach you moving forward.


Once you complete your introductory program we will move you into one of our ongoing coaching programs. Many of our clients enjoy working out in our group CrossFit Classes, while some prefer a One-on-One experience. Either way, we have an ongoing coaching experience to help you reach your goals!

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Personal Training Belleville


Our CrossFit Classes in Belleville are helping men and women of all fitness levels take on functional strength and stay motivated like never before. We're here to help you find sustainable success and have a great time in the process.

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Personal Training Belleville

Personal Training

Our Personal Training program allows you to customize every aspect of your fitness journey and rely on professional coaching along the way. We're helping people across Belleville thrive with ongoing support and accountability.

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Personal Training Belleville

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching program here in Belleville is designed to help you get the very most out of your workouts and maximize your results with tailored strategies designed specifically for YOU!

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Cardiovascular & Heart Health in Belleville - CrossFit MetroEast

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

The benefits of improved Cardiovascular Health are endless. Along with improved heart health, increased metabolism and improved recovery time, you'll also stave off diseases and have you feeling good long after your workout.

Injury Prevention & Defy Aging in Belleville - CrossFit MetroEast

Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

Working out is the secret to staying young and healthy. If you want to slow down the clock and maintain your independence late into life, we can teach you how to get the most out of your workouts and prevent injuries and aging at the same time.

Nutrition & Weight Management in Belleville - CrossFit MetroEast

Nutrition & Weight Management

If your goal is to lose weight, look no further than your Nutrition. You are what you eat! Our team works hard to give you the tools, not only to achieve your goals, but more importantly, to sustain them!


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Personal Training Belleville

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CrossFit MetroEast

At CrossFit MetroEast, we're committed to helping men and women across our community get fit the right way. In our system, it's not about lifting as much weight as your body can handle. It's not about building bulk or beating the competition. We're here to help you get the very most out of your body and move with more efficiency and effectiveness than ever before.

In our system, we train complete beginners, experienced CrossFitters, and everyone in between. We're helping you build a foundation of fitness before increasing the intensity one step at time.

Join us in Belleville today to see it all for yourself or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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