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CrossFit MetroEast Juan CFME Spotlight

Juan CFME Spotlight

CrossFit MetroEast A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Lori Lehr

A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Lori Lehr

CrossFit MetroEast A Better You: The Golden Age of CrossFit MetroEast

A Better You: The Golden Age of CrossFit MetroEast

CrossFit MetroEast A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Leia Wilhelm

A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Leia Wilhelm

CrossFit MetroEast A Better You: Crossfit MetroEast Member Craig Mayfield

A Better You: Crossfit MetroEast Member Craig Mayfield

CrossFit MetroEast A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Tiffany Smoker

A Better You: CrossFit MetroEast Member Tiffany Smoker

CrossFit MetroEast Jeff R.

I recently went for a body composition analysis at this gym. The equipment used for the analysis was the InBody 270. The service came highly recommended and I was not disappointed. The results confirmed the progress that I had made and gave me a good idea of what I needed to do to accomplish my goals. I will definitely use this service again.

Jeff R.

CrossFit MetroEast Charles A.

Fantastic gym with an amazing coaching staff. No matter what shape you are in, you can and will do better here.

Charles A.

CrossFit MetroEast Missy S.

I’ve been going to this gym for 5 years. I’ve never done anything consistent with fitness for 5 years! But this gym stuck for me! Josh, the other coaches and the members have helped my mindset on nutrition and fitness improve and I’m in the best shape of my life. Not to mention I have a wonderful group of life long friends and workout partners!

Missy S.

CrossFit MetroEast Austin V.

This place is amazing! The coaches, the atmosphere, and the community is all top notch, whether you are just starting or been working out for a long time, Crossfit MetroEast makes you feel at home. Highly recommend.

Austin V.

CrossFit MetroEast Cassandra C.

Coaches are great. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. Programming is well balanced.

Cassandra C.

CrossFit MetroEast Christy C.

I dropped in to a class here and the wod was a surprise wod that day and it just happened to be a 5k run, which I had never done before. Coach Josh knew I was nervous about it and jogged along side me the whole way! Everybody was really encouraging and friendly and I will definitely go back next time I'm in the area! Thanks CFME!

Christy C.

CrossFit MetroEast Jared D.

I first went to Crossfit Metro East as a complete out of shape novice. A year and half later I had mastered Olympic lifts, did my first handstand push-up and was able to do pull ups for the first time since I was a teen. I never thought I would be in the best shape of my life at 36. The energy and expertise of Josh, Sam, and all the coaches is incredible!

Jared D.

CrossFit MetroEast Madeline N.

This gym has become my home and the members have become my family! The staff are knowledgeable and accommodating. The people are friendly and welcoming. The facility is exceptional. I couldn't imagine fitnessing anywhere else!

Madeline N.

CrossFit MetroEast Xander H.

I've been a member for a few years now. I had some injuries prior to joining the gym and they are all gone! The staff works with you personally to make sure you are getting the best training possible. The community is also great. There is no intimidation in this gym, only friendly rivalries. :)

Xander H.

CrossFit MetroEast Roger B.

Great atmosphere great community and the coaches work with you on whatever you need.

Roger B.

CrossFit MetroEast Kimberly L.

I have never felt so welcome at a gym before. The coaches here are very supportive and encouraging. They work with me to get the movements right and scale things down for me. The people are very nice and helpful.

Kimberly L.

CrossFit MetroEast Jake H.

Knowledgeable coaching staff, welcoming atmosphere, clean facility. I always get a good workout and have a few laughs. Love this place.

Jake H.

CrossFit MetroEast David N.

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Member are also very friendly and right there to cheer you on when you think your tank is on empty. Don't hesitate to join or stop by if you happen to be in the area. You won't be disappointed.

David N.

CrossFit MetroEast Cory E.

CFME has been everything I expected and more. The coaching staff is incredible--always focusing on proper technique and safety. What I didn't expect was the cross-section of people that attend CFME. The athletes come from every walk of life and span from young kids to the elderly. We are a family that supports one another and no one is left out. I always recommend CFME to friends when they are searching for a box to join.

Cory E.

CrossFit MetroEast JoLynn K.

I was hesitent about trying CrossFit after a less than stellar experience in FL. However from day 1 the Coaches have been knowledgable and are aware of our limitations, pushing us just enough without causing injury. I've been a member for over a year, love the classes, the encouragement and the progress I've made!

JoLynn K.

CrossFit MetroEast Andrea M.

Great facility and even better people! From the very first day at CFME, I have been treated like part of the team. There was never an awkward phase like I have experienced at other gyms. The coaches are very knowledgeable and fun to be around! Would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing CrossFit family!

Andrea M.

CrossFit MetroEast Dan G.

Great atmosphere, great coaches, and great people. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make some positive life changes.

Dan G.

CrossFit MetroEast Jean W.

As a newbie to the cross-fit world, I have been very impressed with this gym. The owner, Josh, is very welcoming. He has a great working knowledge of fitness and training but in a very friendly and non-intimidating way. The overall atmosphere is fun and low pressure; everyone is encouraged to make progress towards whatever their goal may be. The workouts are fun, varied and the trainers really know how to tailor them to your specific needs and limitations. I would definitely recommend this place!

Jean W.

CrossFit MetroEast Dee M.

Katie is a great instructor and I know will achieve my fitness goals! Can't wait to go again tomorrow!

Dee M.

CrossFit MetroEast Craig M.

Only gets 5 stars because Google didn't give me six! Great community, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and clean! Top notch at every level! The programming fits all levels and all ages. Proud to call this place home!

Craig M.

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