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Group CrossFit May Programming Focus

Here’s what you’ll see in our group CrossFit workouts this may! We’re closing in on the halfway point of 2024, but before we talk about May, let’s review April and everything we worked on! First, we saw the beginning of our Volume/ Capacity cycle for

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April Group CrossFit Programming Focus

Well we got through March in one piece, but man, did it have a whole host of fitness benchmarks for us! We started the month off by finishing the final two weeks of the MetroEast Open. Hopefully, everyone was able to have some fun in

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The scale is not always your friend

This quarter I’m focused on improving some health metrics that matter to me. 1) Decrease body fat (lbs/%) 2) increase/maintain skeletal muscle mass I typically track using our inbody scanner which gives me a full breakdown of body weight, water weight, body fat, and skeletal

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How To Feed Your Active Kid

Tomorrow morning my 5 year old has to be at the hockey rink by 7:15am. Our 6 year old has to be on the pitch by 9:30am. They have to eat something, but what?! In our free public facebook group I’ve been posting about how

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4 Keys to Making Successful Commitments

This past week I’ve made 4 posts on my personal Facebook page on how to still accomplish big things in the last 90 days of 2023.  I’ve referenced Brian P. Moran’s book The 12 Week Year. The premise of the book is to effectively do

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Earn Your Results

On Fridays I send a note to our email list on various topics that I might be thinking on during the week. I call them my Food For Thought Friday topics. I had another topic I wrote about for this week, and then on my

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Why We Don’t Sell Access

It’s June 30th, and by the end of the day today over 70% of the people who joined a gym in January will have stopped showing up. It’s not their fault. Everyone wants to feel better, look better and live longer. We join gyms, start

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Follow The Rules

About 4 years ago I was led to record a podcast around some of my philosophies in life. It was called The F5 Life. The five F’s stood for the five foundations I believe need to be built for a successful life. They are: I

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Balance and Coordination: Not Just For Old People

This week on our podcast we discussed two more general physical skills: balance and coordination. What is Balance? There are two types of balance: Balance is primarily retained by use of our eyes, ears, and “body sense”. What is Coordination? Coordination is complex and requires:

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