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Getting Uncomfortable

Do you always wear gymnastics grips? Do you always use chalk? Do you race to the rack to use the same barbell every time? Or hang from your favorite pull up bar every chance you get? A lot of our clients love the variety they

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How to Get Motivated

Professional athletes are not more motivated than you are. Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more” than you either. You may not realize this, but the best athletes in the world have the same struggles with motivation that you do. So what’s the difference? They

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When My Passion Stopped Paying the Bills

Today we feature an article by CrossFit MetroEast Founder, Josh Nimmo. For years, I thought all I needed was that passion for fitness and the rest would take care of itself. Boy was I wrong. Being a passionate trainer made me very good on the

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The Key to Making Fitness Fun!

Have you noticed how goals make fitness a lot of fun? If you ever worked out at a traditional gym, you might have felt a little like a hamster on a wheel. You knew you were doing something, but it didn’t feel like you were

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Summer Nutrition Tips

Today, We have a few summer nutrition hacks from Coach Josh Nimmo to make your life easier. We know it can be tough to eat well when you’re sitting by the beach or running from one cookout to the next, so check out the ideas

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Does Anyone Remember QuickTime?

In my earliest days of CrossFit I was doing this stuff on my own. I didn’t have a gym I was going to or coaches who were helping me at first. A buddy and I were just going onto the old “main site”,, getting

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COVID-19 March 2021 Update

It is with great excitement that I can tell all of you we are getting closer and closer to a sense of normalcy at CrossFit MetroEast. As I have tried to do throughout this pandemic, I want to once again update all of you on

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COVID-19 Update: July 26th 2020

For the past two months, I have spent the majority of my time in the gym observing everything that’s going on. This observation occurs while I’m administering one-on-one personal training sessions, coaching group classes, doing office work, and even during my own workouts. To my

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COVID-19 Travel Update

We know it’s summer time and with summer comes vacations. It’s exciting that our country is opening up a bit more to allow for families to travel. But as the country reopens and people begin to hit the open road again, cases are rising and

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Exercising Your Mental Muscles

I was talking with a client the other day and she was asking why we were doing a specific movement in our warm up. I was having her step across her body in front and then behind for repeated steps (if you’ve ever done a carioca

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