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Do You Trust Me?

Do you trust me?   Honestly, probably not.    Why? Because someone or something in my industry has lied to you.    They told you all you had to do was workout 20 minutes a week, or take this pill, or drink this shake, or

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Programming Snapshot 3/4-3/9

  Here’s whats happening in the gym this week: Monday: Devil Press, Chest to bar pull ups, and v-ups Tuesday: SDHP and bar facing burpees Wednesday: Barbell complex of deadlift, hang power clean, and front squat + push ups and strict pull ups Thursday: Rowing 

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Programming Snapshot 2/25-3/2

Here’s what we have happening at CFME this week in our workouts. Monday: Box Jumps, DB Snatches, and Toes to bar Tuesday: Deadlifts, Wall Balls, and Calorie Row Wednesday: Pull ups, CTB Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, and Hang Power Snatches Thursday: Thruster Strength work Friday:

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Don’t Blow it During the Holidays!

Did you know that most Americans gain 2-3 pounds of fat during November and December? It doesn’t seem like much but over 5 years- you’ve put on 10-15 pounds! It’s so easy to say, “Meh, it’s the holidays! I’ll go nuts now and fix it

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Programming Notes for 12/3-12/8

Programming Notes Monday: Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, and Bar Facing Burpees Tuesday: Running and Back Squats Wednesday: Shoulder to Overhead Strength Thursday: box jumps, dips, rowing Friday: Thruster, Power Snatch, TTB Saturday: Partner row, plate complex

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Weekly News and Notes for 11/26 – 12/1

What’s Happening This Week? We need your old coats! One of our members, Lauren Ruser, is collecting coats for her work’s coat drive. We have a big box up front in the lobby to put any unneeded coats t0 good use. You must have your

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