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Considerations For Training During and After Pregnancy

After 18 years as a personal trainer and 10 years as a gym owner, I’ve had multiple clients I’ve taken through training programs both during pregnancy and after. But on this week’s episode, we bring in one of the real experts to talk about training

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Volume Vs. Intensity

Volume is the amount of work you do, while intensity is at what effort or even quality that you do it. So what matters most when it comes to your fitness? CFME founder, Josh Nimmo, and coaches Sam Schaefer and Millie Patterson discuss the topic

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Why Scaling Isn’t Failing In Your Workout

What is scaling? Scaling is modifying a workout or exercise to meet the client’s needs or goals – plain and simple. We do it all the time at our gym because we believe in personalizing our clients’ experience. Coach Sam, Coach Millie, and Coach Josh

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When To Progress Your Exercises Or Weights

“Should I do the pull ups or ring rows in the workout today?” “What weight should I do on the squats?” “Can I go up on the next set?” The questions above are just a few of the kinds we get from our group class

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How To Know When You Need A Rest Day

Rest Days, Active Recovery Days, Training Days… “But people say the days I want to rest are the days I should definitely train!” Are They? How do you know? What about active recovery, what does that really mean? Join our founder, Josh Nimmo, and Coaches

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Strength Cycles Versus Movement Focuses

Workout design is one of the most complicated things we do as fitness coaches. To the untrained 👀, it’s just a workout, but to coaches it’s so much more. Sam Schaefer, Millie Patterson, and I have started a new video/podcast series discussing the training concepts

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The Value Of Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Today I’d like to share a separate blog post by Mike Warkentin from Two Brain Business that got me thinking about the health and fitness industry in general. Give it a read first maybe, and then come back to my closing thoughts. If you like

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Quit “Slacking” On Those Deads

The deadlift is a fundamental functional movement that everyone does, everyday. It’s simply picking something up off the ground and standing up with it. If you do that with a book, a baby, or a barbell, it’s still a deadlift. Today we’re going to talk

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