Week of 8/6-8/11 Programming and Announcements

We would like to congratulate Coach Audra on her new teaching position with Belleville East High School! Don’t worry, she’ll still be around the gym working out, coaching some classes, and leading our Nutrition coaching! She’s extremely excited to get the opportunity to teach MUSIC!!

The CrossFit Games came to an end on Sunday. Mat Fraser won his third straight title as the Fittest Man On Earth, while Tia-Clair Toomey repeated for her second title. I’m feeling so inspired by the amazing performances of the games athletes, I figured we’d just implement their workouts into our workouts this week!

Juuuuuust kidding….


Barbell and Gymnastics Alternating Quick Intervals


Heavy Deads


Run, Box Jumps, and Push Ups


Double Unders, Muscle Ups, Squat Cleans


Row, Burpee, Push Jerk Repeating AMRAPs

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