About Us

CrossFit MetroEast has been serving the MetroEast St. Louis communities in health and fitness since 2010. Owner and Head Coach, Josh Nimmo, began CrossFit in 2007 as a way to stay fit after college athletics. When he realized how effective it was as a training program he began to implement it with his personal training clients. His clients got more functional with everyday life, accomplished physical skills they never thought possible, and looked great doing it! Coach Josh and his staff have logged thousands of hours coaching clients and mastering their craft. Along the way, CrossFit MetroEast has developed the fundamental principles you see below.

The MetroEast Way:


Initially teaching individuals how to move properly with their own body is our number one focus and helps minimize the risk of injuries in any fitness program. Move your own body first, then worry about adding load. Seldom does the guy who can’t squat to the toilet seat right benefit from adding 150lbs to a bar and squatting it for 10 repetitions in the gym. The process of proper movement education incorporates technical instruction as well as evaluation/implementation of necessary mobility to reach the required range of motion for each exercise.

RESPECT THE MOD(ification)

Everyone comes into CFME with different abilities and needs than the person next to them. Modifications to movements are a very common occurrence here, and it’s during our initial stages of the Mechanics program when we find out if someone needs a movement modification. Modifications, or what we also refer to as scaling, can be implemented for a number of reasons. Range of Motion (ROM) issues due to pain or previous history of injuries, instability/weakness, general mobility, and other health related concerns are all reasons why we could modify a movement or workout. Does this mean you’re not doing CrossFit? No way! Does this mean you’re not working as hard as someone else? Nope! What it means is your coaches are tailoring the workout to meet YOUR needs specifically. This allows you to get the most out of your body and continue on your path to improved health and fitness!


What makes CrossFit so intriguing for some and so scary for others is the intensity of it’s workouts. CrossFit wasn’t the first to bring intensity to fitness, but it definitely made it mainstream. Intensity can be the shortcut to reaching your results in the gym. “Work harder for a shorter amount of time and increase my results, you say?” That sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Hold up. Not so fast. Intensity is a great way to stimulate change in our bodies, but not implemented properly the only shortcut you’re taking is a shortcut to injury. We stress to our people constantly: Move WELL, then Move FAST. Our success as a gym is not measured by how many people we’ve driven to throw up in a trash can this month. It is not our job to show you how out of shape you are. We want people, when they initially start with us, to leave here feeling like they could’ve done a little more — come back the next day and get better than the last. When the time is right to squat a little more weight, run a little faster, or graduate from ring rows, your coach will let you know!

Until then, move your body really well, respect the modifications, and trust the process! You’re on your way to A Better YOU!

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