Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness Through Yoga Classes!

Get the most out of life by improving your flexibility, concentration, and eliminating stress and anxiety through yoga classes! Our team at CrossFit MetroEast is here to help men and women from around St. Louis take advantage of high-quality yoga work with instructor Tina Steibel, who can help you not only to relax your body and focus your mind, but to find the intersection of CrossFit and yoga in order to make you a better all-around athlete.

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Why Take Yoga Classes?

Yoga will help you do more than just relax. It's a great tool for improving your flexibility, invoking calm and balance in both the mind and the body, and for improving your blood circulation and joint mobility. You'll also recover from working out faster so that you can hit your next CrossFit session renewed and refreshed!

Join us for yoga classes at CrossFit MetroEast for one of our two dynamic styles of yoga and reap the rewards of a healthier mind and a stronger body.

Yoga will help you:
  • Stretch even hard-to-reach areas of the body
  • Improve circulation and flexibility
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Recover from workouts more quickly

Get the best yoga experience in St. Louis at CrossFit MetroEast! From our Wednesday Yin Yoga classes that focus on poses and breathing to our Saturday Vinyasa Flow classes that are more vigorous and fast-paced, yoga can help you improve your mind, body, and spirit!

Try St. Louis's Favorite Yoga Classes!

Our team at CrossFit MetroEast is committed to providing high-quality instruction both in CrossFit and in terms of improving your overall fitness. For more information, you can call or text Tina Steibel at (618) 920-3877 or simply stop by our location here in St. Louis...

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