Exercising Your Mental Muscles

was talking with a client the other day and she was asking why we were doing a specific movement in our warm up. I was having her step across her body in front and then behind for repeated steps (if you’ve ever done a carioca drill, think that, but walking). I explained the benefit of the drill from an agility standpoint as well as the mental benefit of her working in different planes of motion and the connection to brain function. Over the years I have become a specialist in training clients well into retirement years. A majority of my personal clients have worked with me for over a decade and I have seen them through the end years of their career and into retirement. One of the biggest reasons I train my older clients the way I do is to help them preserve their daily function. For many, they probably consider this their physical function, but I would argue it’s just as much about their MENTAL function. Exercise demands that the brain works as well, and by keeping someone physically moving, it also yields positive mental gains. And although I might utilize this tool for my retirees, it is important for all ages. Our desk jobs aren’t demanding the same out of our brains as what physical exercise does, and exercise might actually improve your office work! The same holds true for our kids…Our junior high student at home needs to be stimulated physically to keep him moving in the right direction mentally, especially with a lack of group sports and physical education classes right now.

So the next time you’re unmotivated to workout because you feel like you’re not making any progress physically, remember you’re not just doing it for that swimsuit body…

Read more on exercise and the brain for your kids (and you) here: https://www.wgu.edu/heyteach/article/exercise-and-brain-how-fitness-impacts-learning1801.html

Stay Healthy My Friends,
Coach Josh
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