Getting Uncomfortable

Do you always wear gymnastics grips? Do you always use chalk? Do you race to the rack to use the same barbell every time? Or hang from your favorite pull up bar every chance you get?

A lot of our clients love the variety they get in our workout programming. They like getting to change things up each day. Some days we run and some days we lift. Some days we go light and others we go heavy.

But as much as they like to change the workout, they don’t always like to change the details they’re most comfortable with.

CrossFit training principles have always aligned with a common theme of preparing for the unknown and unknowable. If the last 18 months haven’t presented some of that, I don’t know what will!

My main point is this: don’t just change up your workout each day to challenge you or get better. Be willing to change up anything that makes you comfortable because you have no idea when you’ll be forced into an uncomfortable situation.

Getting uncomfortable is not fun and it’s not meant to be. It’s not easy either. That’s why many people will never go there.

But it is effective.

It will promote growth in areas that your comfort zone will not. You will gain resilience, GRIT, and perspective for what is easy and what is truly hard.

Find ways to make yourself uncomfortable in areas you can control, so you’re more prepared when the world makes you uncomfortable in areas you cannot.

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