How to Get Motivated

Professional athletes are not more motivated than you are.

Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more” than you either.

You may not realize this, but the best athletes in the world have the same struggles with motivation that you do.

So what’s the difference? They know how to GET motivated (and what to do when they don’t feel motivated at all).

Ask any of these high level athletes and they’ll tell you: sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those people on instagram with 6 pack abs? They want some cake too.

So why do they workout anyway? How do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough?

Here’s a secret: Almost all of them have coaches.

Coaches are a key ingredient to long-term success in any field. I have fitness coaches, mentors, and even business coaches. Fitness is no different. You need to be accountable to an objective third party. Your workout or business partner will let you off the hook. Some of your coworkers might not actually want you to succeed. And your friends don’t want you to change.

You need someone to: 

  • Get you results…FAST
  • Hold you accountable. You can avoid someone over text, but you can’t miss appointments
  • Remove the guesswork and tell you exactly what to do when
  • Provide a penalty or “pain” for failure. That means you have to pay for coaching. If you don’t, there’s no really penalty for failure….and you backslide.
  • Help you track everything: workouts, personal records, food intake, sleep, and of course wins.
  • Continue to remind you of your goals – the small ones you’ve accomplished and the bigger ones you’re still going after

If you’ve struggled in the past with success, but haven’t worked with a coach, you might be ready to try something new. To find out how a coach can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals FAST, book a free intro with us.

During our time, we’ll find out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and then we’ll design the perfect plan to get you there. We’ll also tell you how we’re going to help you along the way. If it looks good to you, we’ll get started – It’s that simple.

Remember: doing it alone is hard. Doing it with a coach is a lot easier – and more fun. Our team would love to work with you. Book your free intro HERE.

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