June Group CrossFit Programming Focus

We are officially at the halfway point of 2024 and we have a whole lot more in store for the rest of the year, but first lets recap May to celebrate everything we accomplished!

In the first week of May, we tested our 3RM Bench Press and Overhead/ Front Squat, capping off our volume cycle with some great PRs and leading into a phase of GPP lifting! We had a big bunch of named workouts that we tackled, the biggest ones being Ava and a retest of The Chief!

We saw Kelly as our Benchmark of the Month, so expect to see her again in three months (oof!) Leading up to Memorial Day, athletes had the opportunity to get some prep work in with the Optional Murph Prep, which spanned four weeks and led right into Murph.

Lastly, we really got comfortable with an uncomfortable amount of TTBs with our capacity focus showing up in workouts in various ways! (today’s one was quite the doozy if you did that one)

As we shift into June, we have some exciting things on the horizon, so let’s see what’s in store!

Let’s kick off this review with the main focus for the month…our Mid-Year Challenge! We haven’t done this before but we thought it might be a great way to add a little fun and intensity as we start the summer. On Friday, June 14th, and the next two Fridays, we will complete an Open-style workout that is completely unique to NCFIT programming. We’ll have more on this in the next week or so but get ready to roll mid month!

Weaved into the month, we will also see a retest of Fran and our Benchmark of the Month: Cali Bear! We will also see Barbra, another Hero Workout, and a Father’s Day Weekend workout! Our Toes to Bar volume from last month will shift gears, and we will see a greater focus on Strict/kipping HSPU practice/ volume.

The goal will be to build more reps of both Strict and Kipping HSPU into workouts, similar to how we did with TTB last month. Also keep on the lookout for a gymnastics specialty course coming later this summer with our very own gymnast, Coach Lindsey!

This will be the last month of our Towing Capacity Cycle, so we will continue to see 2 Grind workouts each week to finish this phase of training off strong!

Lastly, you will see at least one Olympic lifting complex per week to prep us for our Olympic lifting cycle that starts in July…this will run in tandem with a continued focus on general strength work. Oh, and one more thing…we’ll be adding in 1-2 SHRED style physique finishers per week to keep those “show muscles” looking great for tank season!

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