No Commitment, Cancel Anytime

My wife and I were streaming something on tv last night like we normally do to deload at the end of our day when our 4 year old came out of his room for the eighth time. Gina and I had both been in and out of his bedroom and she was up in the rotation. As I waited for her return I switched to some live television only to see one of my “favorite” gym chains boast their “no commitment, cancel anytime” deal for the end of the year. It even highlighted the fact that you still had time to make good on what you said you were going to do eleven and a half months ago before the end of the year. (But don’t worry, you don’t have to commit to anything and you can quit whenever you want.) 

This no commitment, cancel anytime option is exactly why that same person who didn’t do anything for the previous eleven and a half months won’t do anything for the next eleven and a half months. Because when they sign up for this gym, they still don’t have to be committed and frankly the gym isn’t committed to them either. This gym business is built on you signing up but not showing up. And this cancel anytime option seems great for the consumer because they’re not “locked in” to anything. They think, “if I don’t use it I’ll just cancel”. But you won’t. Why? Because it’s only $10 a month and maybe, just maybe you’ll use it sometime next month.…but you likely won’t. You were never committed in the first place. Gyms like this have made millions of dollars using this model. 


You will not see any end of year (or beginning of year) crazy discount specials at our gym. We don’t discount prices because we don’t discount the service we provide. And we provide those services at the lowest possible price we can. 

Doesn’t it make you wonder how a gym who normally charges $25, $40, or $60 per month can then afford to only charge $10 per month? How does that work? Here’s how: they know all of those people paying $10 per month will cost the least to service because they don’t plan on you showing up! And they’ve made so much money on the other ones who did this that they can afford to continue to discount. Additionally, when they set their original prices they inflate them to accommodate their discount plan. You won’t find these tactics in our business. 

Here’s what you will find at our gym:

  • A professional staff committed to coaching you to your goals in all things wellness: fitness, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle
  • A supportive community of peers all working towards their own wellness goals excited for you to be a part of their tribe
  • A clean organized facility full of everything you need to get better…and nothing you don’t 

I told a client the other day that we aren’t the gym for people looking for the “quick fix”. We could discount our services, change our intake process, program workouts that aren’t safe, do what our competitors are doing, and possibly fill up our gym, but we won’t. We won’t because it would be filled with the wrong people. Those people would be joining a gym because they got a great price or a sweet deal. We don’t want people who are looking for a great price or a sweet deal –  we want people who are looking to CHANGE THEIR LIFE. And the cool thing is, that is exactly the business we are in. Our mission is to help our clients live better lives through better health and fitness, and we have an amazing group of professional coaches ready to help you. 

If you joined the $10 gym last year and never showed up, it’s ok, that was their plan. If you want a new plan this year, book a time to sit down and talk with our staff about your goals…It’s actually FREE so what do you have to lose? Book HERE.

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