Over-delivering On The Client Experience

Our coaching staff has a private facebook group that we use as a hub for communication about clients, programming, and other things going on at the gym. Every so often, (more often than not lately) I put a question or a challenge on there for all of us to participate and engage with one another. It’s somewhat of a weekly staff development.


This past week I posted a question to our staff that was stimulated by a recent roundtable discussion I was in with some fellow gym owners.

The question was, “How do you over-deliver on the client experience?”

To my staff they probably think…”Here he goes again…”

Some might even feel convicted that they don’t have an answer.

But if I asked one of our clients how one of our staff has over-delivered on their experience, they might not be able to shut up!

I think it’s hard for our staff to pinpoint how they are over-delivering for a couple reasons.

1) they’re all just great passionate people who love what they do, and don’t feel like what they’re doing is anything extraordinary


2) the ways in which they are over-delivering probably have very little to do with exercise.

Sure we teach people how to squat, and run, and jump, and lift, but I think what we really do is help people navigate life.

Our most committed exercisers are at the gym maybe 6-8 hours per week. There is a lot more time outside of the gym where life happens.

Divorce, layoffs, sickness, deaths, births, marriages, surgeries, new jobs, new homes…And that’s just been in the last few months. We see it all.

Over-delivering doesn’t come from the 10lb improvement on Sally’s back squat or the faster 5K time for James. It’s a text message of encouragement, or a card of condolence, or a gift of celebration.

Our gym is more than a gym, it’s a gathering place for people who are going through life together. It’s a place where people cry, laugh, hug, sweat, bleed, socialize, drink coffee, eat food, and most importantly, love on one another.

Our staff is there to support that, and I think they do an extraordinary job. Make sure you tell them that.

Hope You Had a Great Thanksgiving,

Coach Josh

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