The Value Of Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Today I’d like to share a separate blog post by Mike Warkentin from Two Brain Business that got me thinking about the health and fitness industry in general. Give it a read first maybe, and then come back to my closing thoughts. If you like what you read and you believe others should understand the value fitness coaches bring to the table, share this link on your social networks!

My Thoughts

Interesting points. Unfortunately, fitness professionals struggle many times to make ends meet. And when they can’t pay the bills, their passion to help people only takes them so far. Burnout is real. But I also believe there are two issues, 1) gyms not charging enough for services to pay the coaches enough money to feed their families and 2) consumers and the culture in general not valuing fitness and nutrition coaching enough to justify spending money on it.

The Health Care Team

It is apparent our government does not believe our industry is essential, but it is my hope that businesses like ours’ can be considered as viable parts of our clients’ health care team. I do not pretend to provide a client what their GP or Chiropractor provides them. I provide them something their GP and Chiropractor cannot. We’re all specialists in our craft, masters if you will, and when we work together we direct an amazing symphony for our clients.

To Consumers

Work with a professional for your fitness and nutrition. Be willing to pay for their services. Even if you think your fitness or nutrition coach is amazing they have to be able to stick around this industry long enough to make an impact on you and others. If they’re not making ends meet, they won’t. I’m not saying you can’t find free help somewhere on the internet or social media, but free is free for a reason. We give a ton of info away for free on social media…follow us and you’ll learn a lot just by watching and reading. Just know that information is not coaching. The real art of coaching is taking the right information and delivering it in the right prescription for each individual client.

Ok, that’s it. Happy Friday.

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