Weekly News and Notes for 10/15-10/20

News and Notes Pre-order your limited edition CFME Fall Triblend Hoodie this week only at the check-in desk. These are unisex sizes and fit and feel very similar to our t-shirts. Sample sizes will arrive at the gym this week sometime if you’re unsure on sizing.

Birthdays this week:

Christina Wodja, 10/20 – New Mechanics member

New Members:

Natalie and Jeremy Quint

Reagan Beasley

Joni Hawthorne

Samantha Strom


Coach’s Notes: Workout Intent

This week, focus less on the “prescribed” weights listed in the workout and more on the weight you feel is best for you. Look at the programmed workout as our template for the session and then we perfect it for each client. Use your coaches and the great resources they are, and ask them for help in determining the best workout for YOU. Stop chasing the leaderboard and start chasing your own results. We give guidelines for how long a workout should take you and how a weight should “feel”. Treat those parameters as the way to assess your score, not someone else’s results. Have a great week of training!

Everyday: Squatober – 50 air squats, not for time, on video, posted to social media, tag the gym and use #cfmesquatober

Monday: Working off that weekend…

14-19 minutes of Running, Deadlifting, Cleaning, and Squatting


Knees to elbows, KB Swings, and Rowing for speed intervals with scheduled rest


Quick workout of OHS and Burpees


Mid length AMRAP with push-ups, running, dumbbell hang squat cleans (ew), and pull ups

Friday: Strength Day

Heavy Deadlifts


All the partner work…

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