What’s It Worth?

I will freely admit to being a social media butterfly. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram every day, catching up with friends, reading the news, and staying on top of what’s going on in my community. I’m in several groups related to the military community we live in, and those usually prove to be pretty entertaining. Sometimes though, they are not entertaining- they are enraging.

A person wrote a post the other day about attending a free intro month at a local fitness establishment (this is a place I’ve never been to but am familiar with). She loved the classes, the FREE child care, noted that they really “kicked her butt” and she wanted to continue but wanted to know if anyone was aware of something similar that “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Guys, I got MAD.

I wrote out a very calm response, seethed, complained to my husband, and then deleted it. I thought it was worth sharing though, so here is my response:

“I work in the fitness industry and I am always bothered by these cost comments. I don’t work for [fitness place] and have never even been there, but I know how their classes work. I know how much time and money goes in to equipment for you to use then replace when it’s worn out, keeping the gym clean, training for the coaches, planning your classes, paying the facility bills, and advertising. I also know first hand how much energy goes in to teaching and watching a class of 10+ people checking for safety, form, and adjusting movements for every single person.

What is your health worth? Your fitness? We all know we need to exercise and if a boot camp style class is what works for you and has trainers that keep you safe yet challenged, why aren’t you willing to pay what they’re worth? You can guarantee they’re not running to the bank turning a gigantic profit.

I understand wanting to save money wherever you can (I work in the fitness industry, after all- I’m not exactly rolling in dough!). But if you want this caliber of service, you have to be willing to pay what it’s worth.”

It’s not just fitness comments. I see this same mindset about photographers, contractors, and even child care. No one is trying to get rich off you. We are just providing a service we are passionate about and experts in. Think about what you are investing in- most of the time you truly get your money’s worth!

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