When My Passion Stopped Paying the Bills

Today we feature an article by CrossFit MetroEast Founder, Josh Nimmo.

For years, I thought all I needed was that passion for fitness and the rest would take care of itself. Boy was I wrong. Being a passionate trainer made me very good on the floor working with clients, but those skills didn’t transfer to running a sound business. I had to learn from many mistakes and would say I’m still paying for those mistakes even today. Then a couple years ago something happened that really helped me expedite my success and minimize mistakes. I hired a coach. Not a coach for my fitness, but a coach for my business. I needed an expert I could trust to show me how to get where I wanted to go. My passion had taken me as far as it could, and now I needed someone to help me navigate the problems I was having with solutions they already had. To this day I still have a coach because I don’t believe I’ll ever be at a point where I’ve solved all my problems. Having someone I can trust in my corner who has years of experience and resources allows me to be much more effective at reaching my goals.

This is a big reason why many of our clients choose to work with us. They’ve struggled finding solutions to their problems with weight loss, healthy eating, performance, stress management, and mental health. We have expert coaches that meet them where they’re at and guide them on the path to reach their goals faster and more effectively than they could on their own. The information out there about fitness and nutrition is daunting and many people have to sift through a lot of what isn’t true and doesn’t work to hopefully find what does. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner who’s already solved the problems you’re having? It sure helped me. 

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