But Why?

But why?

Our son, Beau, is three years old. He’s in a phase of asking a lot of questions and when we answer them he asks the infamous, “but why?” question to follow. 

As parents, this can bring us some frustration because the answer never seems good enough, but honestly, he’s just trying to learn and understand more about the world around him. It’s actually become a fun game to try and figure out creative ways to answer his questions. It typically takes a “because God made it that way” turn, but that still doesn’t stop his rebuttals.

This skill of answering the question of why is also important for our coaches. While some of our clients will blindly follow whatever we tell them to do, many want to know the why behind what’s going on. 

Understanding the why behind the workout or the meal plan or habit change helps clients connect the process to their goals. When we understand the benefits of the change to our personal goals we are more likely to make the change…that’s adherence.

Adherence is one of the most important pieces to helping clients see success. We can program amazing workouts and design great meal plans, but if the client doesn’t do the work, they won’t see results. If they don’t see results then we’re not successful as a business. Why? Because our mission is to help the people in our community live better lives through better health and fitness. We do that through fitness and nutrition coaching. And we can’t complete our mission if people don’t show up. 

So while we track a lot of metrics in our business to assess how we’re doing, we will always focus most on if people are showing up — because that will almost always be the indicator of the other metrics. I don’t like to use absolutes, but I think I can honestly say that we’ve never had a client show up 5-6 days per week for workouts and not see results. We can also connect those who quit with how much (or how little) they utilized the services we provide them. No one in our community has stayed with us for 8-9 years without utilizing the service consistently. They show up, they see results, and in turn, they stay with us. 

That’s a major difference in the success of our business over a typical gym. We don’t want you to buy a membership, we want you to buy a plan – Your Plan. The plan we design with you to help you reach the goals you have for yourself. No one is working out just to workout. It’s a means to an end. We want to help you get there. And if you’re like my son Beau, we want you to understand the why along the way. 

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