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Programming Snapshot 8/27-9/1

Announcements: We will be closed on Monday, September 3rd for the Labor Day holiday. We will resume a normal class schedule on Tuesday, September 4th. Be sure to pick up your summer tee or tank this week from the check-in desk. Please ask a coach

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Is Sugar-Free Healthier?

I was at a coffee shop the other day and I was helping my daughter pick out something healthy-ish to drink. I mentioned I’d rather she didn’t have lemonade because of the sugar content when the barista said, “Oh, it’s sweetened with agave and organic

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Programming Snapshot 8/20-8/25

Programming: Monday: Box Jumps, Farmers Carry, and KB Front Squats Tuesday: Push Jerk Strength Work Wednesday: Benchmark Test “Helen” compare to: 052118 Thursday: EMOM with Rowing, Pistols, and Hang Power Cleans Friday: Wall Balls, Runs, TTB, Deadlifts, and Burpees Saturday: Partner workout with rowing, back

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10 Workouts You Don’t Need A Gym For

I don’t travel a lot, but I have a lot of members who do. I also have members who sometimes struggle to make it to the gym when life gets a little hectic. Me, I make it to the gym everyday…that’s my job, but I

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Programming Snapshot 8/13-8/18

We’ve got a fun week of programming ahead! Be sure to figure out your schedule ahead of time to make it in for all of your workouts! See you in the gym! Monday: Row, DB Snatch, Burpees, and HJs Tuesday: Toes to Bar and Power

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Week of 8/6-8/11 Programming and Announcements

We would like to congratulate Coach Audra on her new teaching position with Belleville East High School! Don’t worry, she’ll still be around the gym working out, coaching some classes, and leading our Nutrition coaching! She’s extremely excited to get the opportunity to teach MUSIC!!

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It’s Games Week! (and programming snapshot)

The CrossFit Games start this Wednesday, August 1st! Coach Audra describes the CrossFit Games as the Olympics for CrossFitters. If you’re not familiar with the CrossFit Games, they are “the world’s premier test to find the Fittest On Earth”. The road to The Games starts

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Programming Snapshot 7/23-7/28

Monday: Retesting workout from 30 April 2018 with Burpees, KB Swings, Runs, and Body weight back squats Tuesday: Rope Climbs, STOH, and Runs Wednesday: Row, Box Jump, Burpee Thursday: Squat Heavy Friday: Wall Balls, CTB, and Deads Saturday: Partner Workout! Bring a friend!

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What Is Healthy Eating?

This is a sentence I hear all too frequently- “I don’t know why I can’t lose weight. I eat pretty healthy.” Here are the most common “healthy” meals or diets I hear from clients: Breakfast (this is the biggest)- A banana and some oatmeal; a

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What’s It Worth?

I will freely admit to being a social media butterfly. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram every day, catching up with friends, reading the news, and staying on top of what’s going on in my community. I’m in several groups related

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