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  • CFME Open Regular Hours On Tuesday, December 17th

    CFME Open Regular Hours On Tuesday, December 17th

    We will be open for regular hours on Tuesday, December 17th. Please use caution if deciding to travel. At home version of tomorrow's workout below. EMOM for 14 minutes: Odd Minutes: 15 Sit-ups Even Minutes: 4 negative push ups (if you have an open wall and can safely perform Handstand push-ups you can do those) ....

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  • Do You Trust Me?

    Do You Trust Me?

    Do you trust me? Honestly, probably not. Why? Because someone or something in my industry has lied to you. They told you all you had to do was workout 20 minutes a week, or take this pill, or drink this shake, or eat this one food everyday and you’d see all these too good to be true results. And it was just that, too good to be true. Someone or something lied to you, and you believed it only to be left money out, time wasted, and right back where you started...or worse. For that, I am sorry. To be honest, about 50% of the questions I get regarding fitness, nutrition, and health in general are to dispel random myths a friend, relative, ....

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  • Programming Snapshot 3/4-3/9

    Here's whats happening in the gym this week: Monday:
    Devil Press, Chest to bar pull ups, and v-ups Tuesday:
    SDHP and bar facing burpees Wednesday:
    Barbell complex of deadlift, hang power clean, and front squat + push ups and strict pull ups Thursday:
    Rowing Friday
    : 19.3 Saturday
    : Rowing, Clean and jerk, Knees to elbows, and box jump up and overs ....

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  • Programming Snapshot 2/25-3/2

    Programming Snapshot 2/25-3/2

    Here's what we have happening at CFME this week in our workouts. Monday
    : Box Jumps, DB Snatches, and Toes to bar Tuesday
    : Deadlifts, Wall Balls, and Calorie Row Wednesday
    : Pull ups, CTB Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, and Hang Power Snatches Thursday
    : Thruster Strength work Friday
    : 19.2??? Saturday
    : Poker... ....

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  • Don’t Blow it During the Holidays!

    Don’t Blow it During the Holidays!

    Did you know that most Americans gain 2-3 pounds of fat during November and December? It doesn’t seem like much but over 5 years- you’ve put on 10-15 pounds! It’s so easy to say, “Meh, it’s the holidays! I’ll go nuts now and fix it in January.” It doesn’t have to be that way! Join us for a six week challenge with a partner to get you through the holidays at the exact same weight (maybe even lower!) where you started. See details below and click HERE to get signed up! This challenge will feature a weekly score for you and your partner. The partner pair with the highest score at the end of the six weeks will receive a special gift from ....

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  • Programming Notes for 12/3-12/8

    Programming Notes Monday:
    Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, and Bar Facing Burpees Tuesday:
    Running and Back Squats Wednesday:
    Shoulder to Overhead Strength Thursday:
    box jumps, dips, rowing Friday:
    Thruster, Power Snatch, TTB Saturday:
    Partner row, plate complex ....

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  • Weekly News and Notes for 11/26 – 12/1

    What’s Happening This Week? We need your old coats! One of our members, Lauren Ruser, is collecting coats for her work’s coat drive. We have a big box up front in the lobby to put any unneeded coats t0 good use. You must have your coats in by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30th!! Driven Presale Monday 11/26 – Saturday 12/1. This will be your last chance to grab any of those much needed supplements prior to Christmas. Suppleflex, Fish Oil, or even some Driven His or Hers Multivitamins can be great stocking stuffers. Also, SHAKER SPECIAL! Order $75 or more in Driven products and get a free CFME Cyclone Shaker! Order form will be located at the check in desk this week! Purchase ....

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  • Over-delivering On The Client Experience

    Over-delivering On The Client Experience

    Our coaching staff has a private facebook group that we use as a hub for communication about clients, programming, and other things going on at the gym. Every so often, (more often than not lately) I put a question or a challenge on there for all of us to participate and engage with one another. It’s somewhat of a weekly staff development. This past week I posted a question to our staff that was stimulated by a recent roundtable discussion I was in with some fellow gym owners. The question was, “How do you over-deliver on the client experience?” To my staff they probably think…”Here he goes again…” Some might even feel convicted that they ....

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  • Weekly News and Notes 11/19-11/24

    Weekly News and Notes 11/19-11/24

    Don’t forget: We are closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, and only open for a 9am workout on Friday this week. We have a normal schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Saturday is also Small Business Saturday. Join us for special sales, giveaways, and some customer appreciation goodies! Programming: Monday: Rowing, Burpees, and KB Swings Tuesday: Strength work on Front Squat and Bench Press. Muscle Up Work. Wednesday: Snatch/Burpee EMOM Thursday: CLOSED Friday: Post-Turkey Day Partner WOD! Saturday: Partner WOD w/ SDHP, Front Squats, Push Jerks ....

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